The Magic of Science

A fantasy/sci-fi roleplay, pitting magic against science! War has broken all across the world. This particular battle takes place in what used to be California.

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Past and Current Events

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1 Past and Current Events on Tue May 19, 2015 8:55 pm

Events are major parts of history, such as The First Wave.

Past Events:

Current Event:
The Second Wave:

It's now the witches' turn to do their thing. The witches are looking into the magic of nature; also known as biology. We humans have invented machines that can access this powerful type of magic. With these same machines, we can stop what they're doing and save the world.

The witches are creating a special virus strain, that will take control of people's minds and allowing them to use magic; thus slowly turning the human population into magical slaves. These people will also have some abnormalities, distinguishing them from normal wizards. Wizards disguised in the human population as scientists will put this virus strain into a flu shot. The uninfected that know about the infection will have to band together to save the world.

Act 1 (CURRENT):
Some of the most famous scientists in the world are actually wizards in disguise. They have built their trust to prepare for this event. These 'scientists' will distribute their 'flu shot' to the world.

Act 1-Effects of the Flu Shot:
People who get the flu shot will:
-Cannot avoid the effects of the flu shot.
-The infection will take from a few minutes to a couple of hours to take effect.
-Become able to use magic.
-Using magic like they've known it for the whole of their lives.
-Will look at human technology like how a normal human looks at a cuttlefish.
-Will become absolutely convinced that the wizards should take over the world.
-Will become wizards' 'friends'.
-If the person who got the flu shot knew about the infection, he/she would take that fact like it doesn't matter at all. "I have the infection? So what?"
-If a wizard is in trouble, the person will go to their defense immediately.
-Will try to use as little magic as possible, and try to hide the fact that they're infected.
-Gain reddish-tinted eyes and paler skin.

Act 2:
More people will be infected. The infecteds will try to spread the infection more openly now, some of them carrying syringes with them.

Act 2-Effects of the Flu Shot
-The flu shot will now begin to slowly mutate them; they will grow horns, tails, claws, etc, making them more distinguishable from uninfected humans.
-These parts, as they grow, will cause them pain, making them more irritable.
-Their personalities will change as well; whether major or minor corruptions.
-These people will gain enhanced senses and strength.
-They will stop trying to hide their infection status, and will use magic openly to infect more humans.

Act 3:
The final push. Most of the population would now be infected. The few clean ones will form a large group, pitting humans against humans that were once their fellow friends and family. In the end, the uninfected side will win, but more information about that would be revealed at a later date.

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