The Magic of Science

A fantasy/sci-fi roleplay, pitting magic against science! War has broken all across the world. This particular battle takes place in what used to be California.

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Character Creation Guide

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1 Character Creation Guide on Tue May 19, 2015 7:09 pm

No innapropiate stuff.
Please be original; no Batman stuff here!
Your character can die.
No Mary-Sueing; no invincibility, no 'can do anything', no superpowers or abnormal skills (unless you're a wizard, which you're not cause only the RPCs have do that), no infinite of anything.
You can't be a wizard; we're on the side of science!
Be nice to other people, no cussing, etc.
No god-modding, or saying other people did what they didn't do (unless you have their permission, in which case you need proof)
No aliens, wormholes, time-warp, any of that kind of stuff. Human technological progress would have slowed down after the beginning of the war, so let's just say they haven't gotten to that part of the tech tree yet.

Post a new topic, and use this form! You can slightly change up a couple of things, but it must be in general like this!

Name: Quite obvious what this is.

Age: Also obvious.

Ethnicity: American, Irish, etc.

Allegiance: Bandits, Heroes, or Neutral. Bandits are those who don't care for the sake of the world; they just raid people, take their stuff for themselves, etc. Of course, there can be some exceptions where bandit's protecting themselves leads to teaming with heroes; these are called anti-heroes. Heroes are those who fight mainly for the sake of the world. They're the ones on the front lines, defending against the evil wizards' attacks. Neutrals are the ones in the middle (obviously). They're the people who try to protect their own values. They care mainly for themselves. They don't really help to protect the world, but don't murder other people to survive either.

Appearance: What he/she looks like, his/her gender, what he/she wears, distinguishing features.

Strengths: Things that help him/her survive in the world; for instance, being extremely heat resistant, or knowing how to fix a car on the spot, or being very knowledgeable in computers and stuff.

Weaknesses: Opposite of strengths; for instance, arachnophobia, water allergies (it exists! But only 1 person in the world has it right now, the rest are already dead), or being very gullible.

Personality: How a character would act in different situations and scenarios. If you roleplay and don't follow what you write here, you will be asked to change what you wrote in the roleplay or change what you wrote here.

History: The most important part of the character sheet. It will explain your strengths and weaknesses, your personality, and your origins. Can't just slap you in the roleplay and say you've been there since forever. Also, as the roleplay progresses and you post more posts, try editing the history section to include the history you made in the roleplay, in your point of view. It would make it easier for us admins and other roleplayers when we look at your character sheet.

Inventory: Optional. This would help you in the roleplay if you ever forget what you have.

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